What Happened?

What Happened? Seven weeks have passed since I arrived at the Atlantic Ocean after peddling over 3500 miles on a journey to feed the soul, heart and mind. This was an inner and outer exploration of the limitless of each.

Yes, Virginia!

To date we have travelled 3200 miles, not including our excursions all over a few states off the route. We are in Virginia, which is the last of nine states to cross.

Roller Coaster

As we travel from town to town meeting new friends along the way, there is a spirit to our journey and it shows in our behavior with everyone.

Taking Care of Business

I have enjoyed nearly every mile of my ride so far. The few that I have not were on accident and I was caught off guard, or became too fatigued to notice.

Lessons and Attitudes

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Eads Colorado. It is an unscheduled rest day for me. Yesterday I set out with all of the best intentions to go 50-60 miles in the cool morning hours.